Are you ready for your clients and your peers to take notice of your salon, barbershop, spa business?

Don’t just daydream about having the salon of your dreams, take action!

What do most successful A-List salon owners do that draw more clients to their door, fuel expansion and boost profits while the average owners merely struggle to stay open? They have a strategy and a plan. In The A-List Salon, Veronica Woods shows how you maximize opportunities to attract loyal clients and staff through cost-effective techniques in the Internet Age. She augments her discussion of small business best practices with real-life business experiences and poignant advice from award-winning salons across the United States.

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Read The A-List Salon to discover how to:

  • Improve the critical skills necessary to be an effective entrepreneur and leader in the beauty business
  • Build your marketing around what YOUR clients value and drive cash flow for your business and increase client loyalty
  • Seize opportunities to influence beyond the salon in your local community to grow your business
  • Create dialogues with your clients online to take your word of mouth marketing efforts farther
  • Evaluate and fine tune your plan over time to create a business that thrives through changes in the economy, market, or industry

 Advanced Praise for The A-List Salon

“Putting the value of business excellence and integrity into the hearts and minds of salon owners who dream of success, The A-List Salon is a harbinger of a greater future for the hairdressing craft.” –– Nick Arrojo,  Owner & Founder, ARROJO NYC 

“I wish I had this information when I opened my first salon straight out of beauty school. Andy Warhol said “being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.” The A-List Salon shows us how.”Philip Pelusi, President, Philip Pelusi®

“Every salon owner, whether behind the chair or not, can profit from this book’s insights, takeaways and exercises to get to the next level through careful planning and execution.” — Julie Shepperly, beauty professional and Business Development Director for Milady

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